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Loot Box Controversy Reaches Poland Thanks to EA’s FIFA 19 FUT

Update: The Polish Ministry has released a public statement in which it declared that loot boxes cannot be considered gambling under the current wording of the Polish Gambling Law.
Original Story: Ever since EA released Battlefront 2 loot boxes have been under investigation across the globe. Belgium went as far as banning them and asking various publishers to remove them from games. Certain U.S states are taking action as well and it is only a matter of time before this issue reaches Washington.
Poland has now joined one of the countries where loot boxes are under investigation or at least they will soon be, officially.  Earlier this month, Komputer Swiat, a Polish Electronics Magazine reported that someone has notified the Ministry of Finance about the loot box system featured in FIFA 19 FUT mode. In Poland, the Ministry of Finance acts as a regulator for gambling activities and is likely to take action against EA.
The individual claimed that the loot boxes featured in EA’s game should be considered a form of unlicensed gambling. The slot machine nature of FIFA 19 FUT card packs can causes issues for EA under the Polish Gambling Act. According to Article 1, Section II of the Polish Gambling Law  “Gambling games include games of chance, betting, card games and games on gaming machines.”
Article 2, however, defines “games of chance” as  “games, including those conducted via the Internet, for cash or in-kind prizes, the result of which depends in particular on chance”. But the problem is in the definition of the law and its current wording. None of the definitions provided under Article 2 is an exact match to how Loot Boxes operate.
The notice also mentions how minors have access to the slot machine gambling elements of FIFA 19 FUT mode. The game is also widely advertised to minors without any regulation. The promotion of Ultimate Team mode should be considered advertising of gambling to minors.
Later on an open later by CD-Action, a gaming magazine from Poland, addressed the Ministry of Finance, explaining how loot boxes are not limited to FIFA 19 and urging the Ministry to take action against EA, 2K, and other companies for predatory practices.
EA shared a statement to the media addressing this issue. The company that it takes legal compliance and ethics seriously. Loot boxes are optional and there are parental options to restrict extra payments from minors.
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Devil May Cry 5, The Division 2, Resident Evil 2 To Be Optimized For AMD GPUs

AMD has just announced the new RX 590 bundle that comes with a copy of Devil May Cry 5, The Division 2 and Resident Evil 2 Remake. Keeping in mind that the graphics card costs $280, that is great value for money because the games alone cost $180. If you buy the AMD RX 580 or 570 then you can choose any two of these games. Which means a $120 discount.
Keeping all of this in mind, it is more than likely that the partnership between AMD, Ubisoft and Capcom runs deeper than just game codes. I suspect that these games will be optimized for AMD graphics cards on PC as well.

This is not the first time that Ubisoft has worked on a game with AMD. Far Cry 5 was heavily marketed to be optimized for AMD Radeon graphics and AMD Ryzen CPUs. I think that the same is going to be the case for The Division 2. According to the official AMD website:
Take to the streets of Washington D.C. as the world struggles to recover from a deadly virus outbreak in Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 or take a trip back to the terrifying streets of Racoon City in the all-new reimagining of horror-classic Resident Evil 2. Play as Dante, Nero and the mysterious V in Devil May Cry 5.
Devil May Cry 5 is months from release so there is little that we know about optimization but it would make sense keeping in mind that AMD does power the current generation of consoles.
The PS4, PS4 Pro, Xbox One and Xbox One X are all powered by AMD solution. The upcoming PS5 and Xbox Scarlet have also been confirmed to be powered by AMD solutions. AMD is the underdog in the graphics cards space and I think that working with developers can give the company a serious advantage.
Let us know what you think about Devil May Cry 5, The Division 2 and Resident Evil 2 Remake and which game you are most excited about.
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AMD RX 590 Is Insanely Great Value For Money, Especially With This Bundle

AMD RX 590 has been revealed and it offers great value for money keeping in mind the price of the card and the performance that it has to offer. Other than that, AMD is offering a special bundle that makes the AMD RX 590 even better value for money.
The AMD RX 590 includes not only the graphics card but a copy of Devil May Cry 5, The Division 2 as well as Resident Evil 2 Remake. Three of these on their own are worth $180 which makes this $280 insanely great value for money. If you were going to buy these games anyway then you are just paying $100 for the graphics card.
The official benchmarks for the AMD RX 590 are as follows:
AMD RX 590 Benchmark
There is also an official promo video around the AMD RX 590 which the company has released to promote the bundle and you can check it out below:

Keeping in mind the price of the AMD RX 590 and the games that you get with this bundle, you have to admit that the card is great value for money. If you are interested in learning about the specifications of the graphics card then you can check them out below:

Radeon RX Vega 56
Radeon RX 590
Radeon RX 580
GeForce GTX 1060 GB

Vega 10 (14nm)
Polaris (12nm)
Polaris (14nm)

Die Size
486 mm2
232 mm2
232 mm2

12.5 billion
5.7 billion
5.7 billion


Base/Boost Clock Rate
1156/1471 MHz
1469/1545 MHz
1257/1340 MHz

Peak FP32 Compute

Texture Units

Peak Texture Fill Rate
329.5 GT/s
222.5 GT/s
193 GT/s



Memory Bandwidth
410 GB/s
256 GB/s
256 GB/s


The new AMD RX 590 is based on the 12nm process so it is more powerful and more efficient as compared to the previous generation RX 580 but it is more expensive and the performance per watt is not all that great when compared to the GTX 1060. These are some factors that you need to keep in mind if you are interested in picking up the graphics card.
Let us know what you think about the AMD RX 590 and whether you are interested in getting one of these graphics cards.
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Denver Kids Inc. stays with students for the long haul

Trinity Maes’ world changed in third grade when her mom died.
She was overwhelmed by loss, grief and frustration. Her father worked all the time so Trinity stayed at the homes of a rotating group of friends. She missed school frequently, lashing out when she was in class.
Then Trinity was matched with Kate Kratofil, an education counselor with the nonprofit organization Denver Kids Inc.
Everything changed.
“She started to learn how to process that grief,” said Bridget Boyd, spokeswoman for Denver Kids. “She adopted positive behavioral strategies, and started reigning in those outbursts. Kate really helped Trinity learn some of these life skills and it helped her emotions stabilize.”
Since 1946, Denver Kids has provided long term, one-on-one counseling and mentoring to over 1,000 Denver Public School students such as Trinity in grades kindergarten through 12th.
The nonprofit organization provides support to kids challenged by poverty, helping students in the classroom and preparing them for college and careers. The long-term model means students stay with these full-time counselors for an average of seven years.
Social emotional learning is at the core of the organization’s creed. A growing trend in education across the county, SEL teaches social awareness, relationship skills and responsible decision-making.
“These skills are necessary to be prepared for the workforce and play a positive role in society,” Boyd said.

Denver Kids, Inc.
Address: 1860 Lincoln St. Denver, CO 80203
In operation since: 1946
Number of Employees: 29
Annual budget: $2,999,892
Percentage that goes directly to client services: 80 percent
Number of clients served in 2018: 1,042

Staying in school is a big part of that. The majority of the program’s graduates are the first in their family to complete high school. Ninety-three percent go to college.
But for many of these kids, the future can be hard to picture. College? Careers? With a torrent of more pressing daily obstacles, dealing with the here and now is often hard enough.
Denver Kids Inc., hopes to give students like Trinity the freedom to dream bigger.
“Denver Kids can provide the first opportunity for these kids to harness their imagination,” Boyd said. “It’s getting them to take the future in focus, without limits.”


Russell Wilson caps Seattle’s rally past Green Bay for 27-24 win

SEATTLE — After a shaky beginning, Russell Wilson got hot in the fourth quarter and kept the Seattle Seahawks in the middle of the NFC playoff race.
Wilson threw for 225 yards and his 15-yard touchdown pass to Ed Dickson with 5:08 left was the difference in the Seahawks’ 27-24 victory over the Green Bay Packers on Thursday night.
In a key matchup in the battle for the two NFC wild-card spots, Seattle (5-5) snapped a two-game losing streak by overcoming an early 14-3 deficit. Wilson was shaky at times early game, but was outstanding in the fourth quarter, capping the winning drive by recognizing a blitz and hitting Dickson quickly for his second TD pass of the night. Seattle still has not lost three straight games since the middle of the 2011 season.
Aaron Rodgers had a huge first half for Green Bay (4-5-1) and threw for 332 yards, but the Packers had just one scoring drive in the second half, helped by a 57-yard strike from Rodgers to Davante Adams. Rodgers threw a pair of touchdown passes in the first half, but never got the ball back after Green Bay punted with 4:20 left.
Seattle ran out the clock thanks to a pair of runs from Mike Davis.
Chris Carson rushed for 83 yards and a touchdown, overcoming the mistake of fumbling on the first play of the game and setting up Green Bay’s opening score. Tyler Lockett had two key receptions late in the fourth quarter and Doug Baldwin had his first TD catch of the season for Seattle.
Rodgers was 21-of-30 passing with 10 of those going to Adams for 166 yards receiving. Backup tight end Robert Tonyan had the first catch of his career go for a 54-yard touchdown to give Green Bay an early 14-3 lead. The Packers led 21-17 at halftime after Jones caught a 24-yard TD pass from Rodgers in the final minute of the half, but Green Bay’s offense was stymied in the second half.
The Packers gained just 114 yards in the second half, half coming on the one throw from Rodgers to Adams. That pass set up Mason Crosby’s 36-yard field goal with 8:23 left, but Wilson had one more answer.
Wilson hit Lockett on consecutive plays for 18 yards — to convert a third-down — and 34 yards to the Green Bay 16. Two plays later, facing another third-and-long, Wilson recognized the blitz and hit Dickson quickly over the middle to put Seattle in front.
That proved to be enough. On Green Bay’s next drive, Rodgers short-hopped a pass on third-and-2. Rather than going for it on fourth-down, Mike McCarthy opted to punt despite having just one time out. Seattle never gave the ball back.
Green Bay was down four starters with CB Kevin King, S Kentrell Brice, LB Nick Perry and WR Randall Cobb all out due to injuries. They lost two more in the first half when Bashaud Breeland — starting for King — aggravated a groin injury and Jimmy Graham injured his thumb. Graham had a 13-yard reception on Green Bay’s first offensive play in his return to Seattle, but that was his only catch.
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Mike Daniels suffered a foot injury early in the second half and backup safety Raven Greene suffered an ankle injury. Neither returned.
Packers: At Minnesota on Nov. 25.
Seahawks: At Carolina on Nov. 25.


Acting AG Matt Whitaker told Lindsey Graham that Mueller probe to go on, AP source says

WASHINGTON — Acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker told Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham in a meeting on Thursday that special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation will proceed, according to a person familiar with the meeting.
The meeting with Graham and Whitaker comes as a bipartisan group of senators is pushing legislation to protect Mueller’s job. The senators are concerned about Whitaker’s past criticism of the Mueller probe, which is looking at Russian interference in the 2016 election and ties to President Donald Trump’s campaign. Trump appointed Whitaker as acting attorney general last week.
Whitaker told Graham the investigation would be allowed to proceed, the person said. The person wasn’t authorized to speak publicly about the meeting and spoke to The Associated Press on condition of anonymity.
Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer and other Democrats have called for Whitaker to recuse himself from overseeing the Mueller investigation.
A Justice Department spokeswoman said earlier this week that Whitaker will follow Justice Department protocols and consult with senior ethics officials “on his oversight responsibilities and matters that may warrant recusal.”
Democrats have also called for the special counsel bill to be added to a year-end spending bill that must pass in December to avoid a partial government shutdown. The bipartisan legislation, introduced more than a year ago, would give any special counsel a 10-day window to seek expedited judicial review of a firing and put into law existing Justice Department regulations that a special counsel can only be fired for good cause.
On Wednesday, Republican Sen. Jeff Flake said he would not vote to confirm judicial nominees unless GOP leaders hold a vote on the Mueller protection legislation.
Whitaker is now overseeing the Mueller probe, which had previously been overseen by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein. Rosenstein told Congress that he saw no reason to fire Mueller.
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Recently ousted Attorney General Jeff Sessions had recused himself from overseeing Mueller because he had worked on Trump’s Republican campaign — a decision that infuriated Trump and led to Sessions resigning at the president’s request.
Trump has repeatedly criticized Mueller and called the investigation a hoax.
He tweeted Thursday that the probe is “A TOTAL WITCH HUNT LIKE NO OTHER IN AMERICAN HISTORY!”


Monte Morris earns start as Nuggets pound Hawks to snap four-game losing streak

Jamal Murray stood facing the Nuggets’ bench, waiting to greet Monte Morris as the latter was being introduced prior to his first career start on Thursday.
What followed was a handshake routine and later, an end to the Nuggets’ four-game losing streak.
The Nuggets drilled the Atlanta Hawks 138-93 behind an unselfish offensive onslaught to improve to 10-5. Nikola Jokic nearly had a triple-double, logging 12 points, nine rebounds and seven assists, and the Nuggets got double-digit efforts from seven other players. Juan Hernangomez had a team-high 25, and Morris finished with eight points and two assists in 29 steady minutes. He also helped limit Hawks sharpshooter Trae Young to just six points on 2 for 11 shooting.
Even though Nuggets coach Michael Malone had been pleased with his team’s recent starts, he declined to tip his hand and reveal any change to the starting lineup prior to the game.
“I’m comfortable with our starting group,” he said. “Changing the starting lineup is not going to be the answer to us being a better defensive team.”
Regardless of who was in the starting lineup, the Nuggets desperately needed a win heading into a difficult three-game road trip with stops in New Orleans, Milwaukee and Minnesota. Their free-flowing offense led to 34 assists on 56 percent shooting.
“Our guys understand the sense of urgency,” Malone said. “We’re all frustrated, which is good. We should be frustrated.
Morris, just 17 games into his career, showed his savvy early in the third quarter when he received a pass from Jokic in the corner, pumped faked past a defender and buried a baseline jumper. Moments later he baited Hawks big man Alex Len into a charge as the Nuggets continued to bolster their lead.
With the lead well in hand, Jokic even got a little loose with his passing when he whipped a behind-the-back pass to Hernangomez, who couldn’t convert an open 3-pointer. The Nuggets still cracked the game wide open in the third quarter, outscoring the Hawks 36-16, and Morris was the first to Murray after a last-second 3-pointer rimmed out that would’ve made the margin even more jarring.
Their 9-1 start gave way to a demoralizing four-game losing streak, featuring blown leads and a porous defense. Malone’s one wish heading into Thursday was to regain the defensive foundation that formed the NBA’s best defense less than a week ago.
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“Even when we weren’t making shots, we were winning games with our defense,” Malone said. “Although that may not be aesthetically pleasing to some people, I really don’t care.”
Not only did the Nuggets hold the Hawks to 43 percent shooting from the field in the first half, they had five guys in double figures and held a 73-57 lead. Led by Murray’s 14, including 3 of 4 on 3-pointers, Harris and Jokic had 12 each to build a comfortable cushion. The Hawks, who had lost nine of 10 games entering Thursday, were abysmal from 3-point range despite their reliance on the outside shot.
To Murray’s credit, he stayed engaged from the outset and was supportive of his teammates.
It’s difficult to argue with the Nuggets’ lineup change after they started the game on a 13-0 run. Whether it was a product of Morris’ start or not, the Nuggets were well spaced and got into their offensive sets quickly. He also didn’t turn the ball over, which was a concern with Murray. Morris handled point guard duties when the two shared the court later in the first quarter, and he nearly found Murray for a difficult reverse layup that barely missed.


California town’s wildfire evacuation plan raises questions

MAGALIA, Calif. — Ten years ago, as two wildfires advanced on Paradise, residents jumped into their vehicles to flee and got stuck in gridlock. That led authorities to devise a staggered evacuation plan — one that they used when fire came again last week.
But Paradise’s carefully laid plans quickly devolved into a panicked exodus on Nov. 8. Some survivors said that by the time they got warnings, the flames were already extremely close, and they barely escaped with their lives. Others said they received no warnings at all.
Now, with at least 63 people dead and more than 630 perhaps unaccounted for in the nation’s deadliest wildfire in a century, authorities are facing questions of whether they took the right approach.
It’s also a lesson for other communities across the West that could be threatened as climate change and overgrown forests contribute to longer, more destructive fire seasons .
Reeny Victoria Breevaart, who lives in Magalia, a forested community of 11,000 people north of Paradise, said she couldn’t receive warnings because cellphones weren’t working. She also lost electrical power.
Just over an hour after the first evacuation order was issued at 8 a.m., she said, neighbors came to her door to say: “You have to get out of here.”
Shari Bernacett, who with her husband managed a mobile home park in Paradise where they also lived, received a text ordering an evacuation. “Within minutes the flames were on top of us,” she said.
Bernacett packed two duffel bags while her husband and another neighbor knocked on doors, yelling for people to get out. The couple grabbed their dog and drove through 12-foot (4-meter) flames to escape.
In the aftermath of the disaster, survivors said authorities need to devise a plan to reach residents who can’t get a cellphone signal in the hilly terrain or don’t have cellphones at all.
In his defense, Butte County Sheriff Kory Honea said evacuation orders were issued through 5,227 emails, 25,643 phone calls and 5,445 texts, in addition to social media and the use of loudspeakers. As cellphone service went down, authorities went into neighborhoods with bullhorns to tell people to leave, and that saved some lives.
Honea said he was too busy with the emergency and the recovery of human remains to analyze how the evacuation went. But he said it was a big, chaotic, fast-moving situation, and there weren’t enough law enforcement officers to go out and warn everyone.
“The fact that we have thousands and thousands of people in shelters would clearly indicate that we were able to notify a significant number of people,” the sheriff said.
Officials also were scrambling to pinpoint everyone’s whereabouts, and Honea said the high number of missing people probably included some who fled the blaze and didn’t realize they had been reported missing. He added that authorities were making the list public so people could see if they were on it and let authorities know they were safe.
Some evacuees were staying in tents and cars at a Walmart parking lot and in a nearby field in Chico, though volunteers planning to close the makeshift shelter by Sunday were working to transition people to other locations.
A Sunday closure “gives us enough time to maybe figure something out,” said Mike Robertson, an evacuee who arrived there on Monday with his wife and two daughters.
On Thursday, firefighters reported progress in battling the nearly 220-square-mile (570-square-kilometer) blaze that displaced 52,000 people and destroyed more than 9,500 homes. It was 40 percent contained, fire officials said. Crews slowed the flames’ advance on populated areas.
California Army National Guard members, wearing white jump suits, looked for human remains in the burned rubble, among more than 450 rescue workers assigned to the task.
President Donald Trump plans to travel to California on Saturday to visit victims of the wildfires burning at both ends of the state. Trump is unpopular in much of Democratic-leaning California but not in Butte County, which he carried by 4 percentage points over Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election.
The Paradise fire once again underscored shortcomings in warning systems.
Gov. Jerry Brown signed a bill in September requiring the development of statewide guidelines for Amber Alert-like warnings. A few Northern California communities are moving to install sirens after some wine country residents complained they didn’t receive warnings to evacuate ahead of a deadly wildfire in October 2017 that destroyed 5,300 homes.
In 2008, the pair of wildfires that menaced Paradise destroyed 130 homes. No one was seriously hurt, but the chaos highlighted the need for a plan.
Paradise sits on a ridge between two higher hills, with only one main exit out of town. The best solution seemed to be to order evacuations in phases, so people didn’t get trapped.
“Gridlock is always the biggest concern,” said William Stewart, a forestry professor at the University of California, Berkeley.
Authorities developed an evacuation plan that split the town of 27,000 into zones and called for a staggered exodus. Paradise even conducted a mock evacuation during a morning commute, turning the main thoroughfare into a one-way street out of town.
Last week, when a wind-whipped fire bore down on the town, the sheriff’s department attempted an orderly, phased evacuation, instead of blasting a cellphone alert over an entire area.
Phil John, chairman of the Paradise Ridge Fire Safe Council, defended the evacuation plan he helped develop. John said that the wildfire this time was exceptionally fast-moving and hot, and that no plan was going to work perfectly.
When the fire reached the eastern edge of Paradise, six zones were ordered to clear out about 8 a.m. But almost simultaneously, the gusting winds were carrying embers the size of dinner plates across town, and structures were catching fire throughout the city. Less than an hour later, the entire town was ordered evacuated.
“It didn’t work perfectly,” John said Thursday. “But no one could plan for a fire like that.”
Likewise, Stewart, the forestry professor, said the wildfire that hit Paradise disrupted the orderly evacuation plan because it “was moving too fast. All hell broke loose.”
Satellite images show half the town on fire less than two hours after the first evacuation order.
Stewart said experts continue to debate how best to issue evacuation orders and no ideal solution has been found.
At the other end of the state, meanwhile, crews continued to gain ground against a blaze of more than 153 square miles (396 square kilometers) that destroyed over 500 structures in Malibu and other Southern California communities. At least three deaths were reported.
Associated Press writers Janie Har and Olga R. Rodriguez in San Francisco, Amy Taxin in Santa Ana, California and Andrew Selsky in Salem, Oregon, contributed to this report.


Bitter battle for Florida Senate seat goes to hand recount

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. — Florida’s acrimonious battle for the U.S. Senate headed Thursday to a legally required hand recount after an initial review by ballot-counting machines showed Republican Gov. Rick Scott and Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson separated by less than 13,000 votes.
But the highly watched contest for governor between Republican Ron DeSantis and Democrat Andrew Gillum appeared to be over, with a machine recount showing DeSantis with a large enough advantage over Gillum to avoid a hand recount in that race.
Gillum, who conceded the contest on Election Night only to retract his concession later, said in a statement that “it is not over until every legally casted vote is counted.”
The recount so far has been fraught with problems. One large Democratic stronghold in South Florida was unable to finish its machine recount by the Thursday deadline due to machines breaking down. A federal judge rejected a request to extend the recount deadline.
“We gave a heroic effort,” said Palm Beach Supervisor of Elections Susan Bucher. If the county had three or four more hours, it would have made the deadline to recount ballots in the Senate race, she said.
Meanwhile, election officials in another urban county in the Tampa Bay area decided against turning in the results of their machine recount, which came up with 846 fewer votes than originally counted. Media in South Florida reported that Broward County finished its machine recount but missed the deadline by a few minutes.
Counties were ordered this past weekend to do a machine recount of three statewide races because the margins were so tight. The next stage is a manual review of ballots that were not counted by machines to see if there is a way to figure out voter intent.
Scott called on Nelson to end the recount battle.
It’s time for Nelson “to respect the will of the voters and graciously bring this process to an end rather than proceed with yet another count of the votes — which will yield the same result and bring more embarrassment to the state that we both love and have served,” the governor said in a statement.
The recount has triggered multiple lawsuits, many of them filed by Nelson and Democrats. The legal battles drew the ire of U.S. District Judge Mark Walker, who slammed the state for repeatedly failing to anticipate election problems. He also said the state law on recounts appears to violate the U.S. Supreme Court ruling that decided the presidency in 2000.
“We have been the laughingstock of the world, election after election, and we chose not to fix this,” Walker said during a morning hearing.
Walker vented his anger at state lawmakers and Palm Beach County officials, saying they should have made sure they had enough equipment in place to handle this kind of a recount. But he said he could not extend the recount deadline because he did not know when Palm Beach County would finish its work.
“This court must be able to craft a remedy with knowledge that it will not prove futile,” Walker wrote in his ruling turning down the request from Democrats. “It cannot do so on this record. This court does not and will not fashion a remedy in the dark.”
The overarching problem was created by the Florida Legislature, which Walker said passed a recount law that appears to run afoul of the 2000 Bush v. Gore decision, by locking in procedures that do not allow for potential problems.
A total of six election-related lawsuits are pending in federal court in Tallahassee as well at least one lawsuit filed in state court.
Walker also ordered that voters be given until 5 p.m. Saturday to show a valid identification and fix their ballots if they have not been counted due to mismatched signatures. Republicans appealed the ruling, but an appeals court turned down the request.
State officials testified that nearly 4,000 mailed-in ballots were set aside because local officials decided the signatures on the envelopes did not match the signatures on file. If those voters can prove their identity, their votes will now be counted and included in final official returns due from each county by noon Sunday.
Walker was asked by Democrats to require local officials to provide a list of people whose ballots were rejected. But the judge appointed by President Barack Obama refused the request, calling it “inappropriate.”
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Under state law, a hand review is required with races that have a margin of 0.25 percentage points or less. A state website put the unofficial results showing Scott ahead of Nelson by 0.15 percentage points. The margin between DeSantis and Gillum was 0.41 percent.
The margin between Scott and Nelson had not changed much in the last few days, conceded Marc Elias, an attorney working for Nelson’s campaign. But he said that he expected the vote tally to shrink due to the hand recount and the ruling on signatures.
The developments fueled frustrations among Democrats and Republicans alike. Democrats want state officials to do whatever it takes to make sure every eligible vote is counted. Republicans, including President Donald Trump, have argued without evidence that voter fraud threatens to steal races from the GOP.
Associated Press writer Tamara Lush contributed to this story from St. Petersburg, while Associated Press writer Kelli Kennedy contributed from Fort Lauderdale.


Man tries to force child into car in Arapahoe County, but boy is able to flee to safety

Police are looking for a man who tried to abduct a child Thursday morning in Arapahoe County.
The incident happened at about 8:10 a.m. in the 7300 block of East Harvard Avenue, according to the Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Office.
The juvenile male victim was walking east when a white Toyota Corolla drove past, the driver stopped, and reversed back towards him, the sheriff’s office said. The driver got out of the Toyota and attempted to force the victim into the car. The juvenile was able to flee.
Deputies responded to a report of the incident at about 9 a.m., going to Prairie Middle School, 12600 E. Jewell Ave., according to the release.
A search of the area was undertaken, no suspect was found.
The sheriff’s office described the suspect as a bald white man in his 50s, about 5-foot-11 with a medium build and a trimmed, brown beard. He was wearing a short-sleeve, button-down shirt.
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