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FBI specialists, anthropologists join search near Salida for bones of woman who vanished in 1980

suppliedLaw enforcement has renewed its search for the remains of Beverly England, left, who vanished in 1980 at the age of 32.
For nearly four decades, Chaffee County sheriff’s deputies took infrequent sojourns along a winding road up the side of Mount Shavano in search of the skeleton of a woman involved in a bitter love triangle who vanished in 1980.
This week, more than 30 law enforcement and scientific specialists returned to a location on the mountain kept secret by law enforcement. They are sweeping an area, about 10 miles northwest of Salida, where a few of Beverly England’s bones were discovered in 1992 during one of the prior searches.
FBI agents, anthropologists, Salida police officers, Chaffee County deputies and cadaver dogs are all scanning the area in hopes of finding larger parts of her skeleton and skull, which might reveal new clues to confirm how she died.
“The FBI has a team to recover bones,” Chaffee County Sheriff John Spezze said Tuesday. “It’s taken a long time to get them up here.”
In 1980, England dropped her two small children off at the home of a fellow member of the Temple Baptist Church so that she could meet a pregnant woman at Riverside Park, according to a previous interview with Leonard Post, who was at the time the chief of the Salida Police Department.
The woman England was to meet with was the wife of a man who was having an affair with England, Post had said.
England, 32, was married to school teacher Dale England and worked at the Homestake Mine. She parked a few hundred feet from the Arkansas River, which was flowing above flood levels. It was the morning of June 12, 1980. She left her shoes and purse in her car.
“There was a meeting between these two ladies about this affair,” Post has said.
After the meeting at Riverside Park, England was never seen alive again. A police officer went to speak with the woman England was supposed to meet that day and she had injuries, Post has said. But the woman declined to speak with the officer. She requested legal counsel, he said.
“The case was always suspicious. We presumed there was foul play right from the beginning,” Post has said.
No one believed that England would leave town and abandon her two children. The circumstances were suspicious, Post said. Many searches up and down the river were conducted over the next several months.
Dale England was cleared of any suspicion. The pregnant woman who met with England moved out of town.
“Without evidence of foul play there was nothing we could do,” Post said. “All we had was a missing person. At the time nobody knew where her remains were.”
Twelve years later in 1992, the remains of a dead person were found on the side of Mount Shavano, about 10 miles northwest of Salida, along a winding road. An anthropologist concluded the human bones were likely those of a pioneer and no connection was made to England. Spezze declined to describe which bones were found or how many.
The bones were transported to Colorado Springs, where they were kept at a college in storage, Spezze said. In 2015, Spezze reopened the case. New interest was focused on the bones found in 1992.
Sheriff’s investigators retrieved the bones in 2015 and sent them to the University of Northern Texas for possible identification. DNA from the remains was linked to DNA provided by England’s children.
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Spezze said persons of interest long have been identified, but he declined to identify them.
One thing the identification of England’s bones proved conclusively was that she hadn’t accidentally fallen into the river and drowned.
“There was nothing new that jump-started this,” Spezze said referring to possible leads. “It’s just taken this long to get them here.”
The FBI body search team is in great demand and it took more than a year to get its members scheduled to come to Colorado, he said.


Suspects shoot at police, carjack woman in Denver International Airport parking lot

A woman was carjacked early Wednesday morning after Denver police shut down a parking lot at Denver International Airport to find two suspected car thieves.
The Pikes Peak parking lot, on the 24700 block of E. 75th Street, was closed from around 1:15 a.m. to 3:30 a.m. when officers attempted to locate the suspects. When officers approached the two male suspects, the suspects fired shots at the officers, Denver Police Department spokesman Doug Schepman said.
Officers did not return fire and no injuries have been reported.
The incident began when two cars were reported stolen from the Hertz rental lot. Officers believe the two male suspects they approached were related to the car thefts. The cars were found with flat tires near the rental lot, likely punctured by spike strips placed at the exit of the lot, Schepman said.
Officers had closed the parking lot to set a perimeter to find the suspects, Schepman said.
After the suspects fled, they are believed to have forcefully taken the woman’s car.
Police officers found the woman in the 4400 block of Havana Street. She was transported to the hospital with a head laceration. The injury was non life-threatening, Schepman said.
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The suspects remain at large and police are working on putting together more detailed descriptions, Schepman said.
This is a developing story. Check back for updates.


Go Potty In VR With VR Flush

It’s pretty common nowadays to see pretty weird and confusing games. With the introduction of VR games, we have seen a lot and the latest one which caught our attention is called VR Flush and yes it’s based on the toilet.
Brudingo Team from Germany are behind this creativity and allow you to experience real-world situation on the toilet with VR Flush. Though it’s not that simple, you start off by searching for toilet papers and which in the end turns out to be more interesting as you are teleported aboard on an alien spacecraft to keep the things going.
Those aliens are on a mission to figure out if humans are an intelligent form of life or not, you’ll have to pass some tests to prove them and if you don’t it’s a bad reflection of humans to aliens and something not good.
As for the developers, they are entirely focusing on creating an entertaining story where A.I is looking at your every move to figure things out and destroy you if you disappoint them. Also, there’s a robot in the game too and if you want to support the developers, you can buy their Magic Toilet Brush DLC today.
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Exclusive: Custom Nvidia RTX 2080 Graphics Cards Back In Stock Early October

Nvidia RTX 2080 has just been announced and the cards are selling like hot cakes. You might have noticed that the specific graphics card that you are looking for is sold out at the moment. This is what happened when Pascal graphics cards came out last year and the same is the case for the Nvidia RTX 2080. But you need not worry as the Nvidia RTX 2080 custom cards will be coming out next month.
You can expect the custom Nvidia RTX 2080 Graphics Cards to be back in stock in early October, ranging from the 1st to the 10th. This information is according to the Amazon listing and could change with time but keep in mind that Nvidia has promised that supply won’t be an issue this time, it is more than likely that there will be an ample supply of Nvidia RTX 2080 cards, but keep your fingers crossed.

The Nvidia RTX 2080 has been overclocked using dry ice and we saw that the graphics card was able to perform 20% better as compared to the reference stock speeds but it also consumed a lot more power and this is a solution that is not ideal and cannot be used day in and day out. It is also worth mentioning that in order to provide the power needed to overclock the graphics card, a voltage mod was used. This is not something that everyone should be trying at home.
We also know that the RTX 2070 will be coming out next month and it is the bare minimum requirement for Nvidia real-time ray tracing. It will be available for purchase starting October 17th For $499 but you will be paying $599 for Founders Edition.
Let us know what you think about the Nvidia RTX 2080 and whether or not you are interested in getting one of these graphics cards when they come back in stock next month.
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Capcom Wanted To Make “DMC: Devil May Cry 2” Instead Of Devil May Cry 5

Ninja Theory’s DMC: Devil May Cry was the last entry in the Devil May Cry franchise which wasn’t well received by the fans of the series. Turns out Devil May Cry 5 director originally wanted to develop a sequel to DMC: Devil May Cry instead of Devil May Cry 5.
Speaking with VG247, game director Hideaki Itsuno noted that he originally wanted to continue the story of Dante from the 2013’s reboot, DMC: Devil May Cry.
While Itsuno didn’t get to develop DMC: Devil May Cry 2 but, he noted that Devil May Cry 5 features a lot of stuff that the studio learned from the 2013 reboot.
I really wanted to make a DmC: Devil May Cry 2, after the first one. I was really pumped up to do it, and then that didn’t happen. So… when it came time to make a new game, we said, alright, let’s make Devil May Cry 5.
We had these people that didn’t work on DmC and people that did. Because we had these two sides mixing, it was like alright, we’re going to make Devil May Cry 5 – it’s not going to be a sequel to DmC, but we definitely want to do what we can to take what we learned from that game too.
He further noted that the development team for Devil May Cry 5 have a lot of guys that didn’t work on the DMC: Devil May Cry and it wouldn’t make sense that the team would work on DMC: Devil May Cry 2 without Ninja Theory‘s collaboration and that is why they decided to go with a numbered sequel.
One thing, if you think about it… it probably wouldn’t make sense to have these guys make a DmC 2,” Itsuno explained. “That’s something that Ninja Theory should collaborate with Capcom on, y’know? It would be different – it would lose something if we tried to do that only in Osaka. So it really made sense that we’d go to a sequel to DMC4. It’s something that the people in Osaka have more of a frame of reference for.
Not much is known about what Devil May Cry 5 in terms of story but a leaked footage has indicated that Dante will be facing his strongest adversary yet in the upcoming game.
Devil May Cry 5 is an action-adventure game in development at Capcom and is scheduled to launch on March 8, 2019, for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.
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Opinion: NBA 2K Games Reviews Expose The Ugly Truth of Video Games Journalism

NBA 2K 19 released recently and seeing its overwhelmingly negative reviews on Steam, I ran an article discussing how NBA 2K games haven’t had positive Steam reviews in the last 4 years.
Since all games prior to NBA 2K16 are no longer available on Steam (at least in my region), I went on to Metacritic to see user review scores of NBA 2K15, 2K14, and 2K13. I noticed something odd, the critic review scores and opinions widely differ from user ratings. So fans on Steam and Metacritic hate what NBA 2K games have to offer and complain about a number of things, critic, on the other hand, couldn’t stop praising NBA, and 2K as a developer.
What’s concerning to me is how some of them don’t even mention major issues such as predatory microtransactions and pay-to-win models. These problems are just ignored outright or mentioned is passing.
It becomes daunting clear, at least to me, what was actually going on.
See, 2K is a big company and publications grow by keeping a good relationship with such brands unless you are IGN or GameSpot, the companies won’t come to you with review copies, event invites, exclusive interviews, but most importantly they won’t offer you ad campaign for your websites unless you have a positive opinion about their products.
At least a flexible opinion for their shitty practices is required to get anything out of them. It is partly to blame for this new journalism culture of the modern age in which doing our job often means starving for revenue streams. Take Kotaku as an example, the publications leaked a number of Assassin’s Creed games prior to their announcement, ran a few pieces Bethesda didn’t like and ended up being banned by Ubisoft and Bethesda. Imagine this happening to a smaller publication? Where would it stand?
Of course, NBA games are not all bad as there are many innovative mechanics and amazing graphics. But giving these games an 8 or 9 is a disservice to the players who end up spending $60. As a result, it ends up hurting our own credibility but as video game journalists, we often have to choose between credibility and revenue opportunities.
This is the main reason why some influencers are looking at Patreon and Go Fund Me to stay independent and to stay clear of publisher influence on the content they produce.
It is a sad situation which is hurting video games journalism.
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“It was a tight call”: Former Colorado Sen. Hank Brown reflects on Anita Hill testimony in wake of accusations against Kavanaugh

Mark Leffingwell, AP PhotoFormer University of Colorado president Hank Brown testifies in Ward Churchill’s civil suit against the University of Colorado at the City and County Building in Denver, Colo., March 21, 2009. Brown says he stands by his vote on the Senate Judiciary Committee to confirm Clarence Thomas to the U.S. Supreme Court.
Twenty-seven years ago, Colorado Sen. Hank Brown sat with the rest of the Senate Judiciary Committee as Anita Hill described how Clarence Thomas, her former boss and a nominee for the U.S. Supreme Court, sexually harassed her.
Hill told the committee that Thomas, after having called her into his office, asked her out repeatedly and more than once discussed pornography and specific sex acts. He also brought up his own sexual abilities on multiple occasions, she said.
Brown listened. He found Hill, who is an attorney, credible. But he found Thomas’ denial of the allegations credible as well.
“I think for most people it was a tight call,” Brown, a Republican, said in an interview Tuesday.
Brown voted in favor of Thomas, and the Senate Judiciary Committee sent the nomination on to the full Senate, which voted 52-to-48 in October 1991 to confirm the judge to the highest court in the country, where he still serves.
Almost three decades later, Brown said he stands by his vote as senators again grapple with whether they believe accounts that a Supreme Court nominee was sexually inappropriate with women in the past and whether those allegations — believed or not — are enough to block a confirmation.
“I came away impressed with both (Hill and Thomas),” said Brown, who is now 78 years old. “I ultimately came away thinking that I just didn’t know for sure.
“But the fact that there’s been no report or even a hint of this kind of conduct (by Thomas) in 27 years seems to verify the fact that this wasn’t in his makeup,” he added.
Two women have said Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh sexually assaulted or committed sexual misconduct against them in the early 1980s. One of them, Christine Blasey Ford, is expected to appear before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Thursday, one day ahead of a scheduled vote on Kavanaugh’s nomination.
Ford, a California professor, said Kavanaugh pinned her to a bed and attempted to take her clothes off during a party when they were both in high school. Deborah Ramirez, a Boulder resident who works as a volunteer coordinator for Boulder County, said Kavanaugh exposed himself to her during a dorm party when they were both freshmen at Yale University in the early 1980s.
Kavanaugh has denied both accounts.
The two 2018 reports are similar to Hill’s in a number of ways, said Brown, who also took over as president of the University of Colorado following a wide-ranging sexual assault scandal on the Boulder campus that stemmed from a football recruiting party in 2001.
The events reported by Hill happened in the early ’80s — almost a decade before she testified about them to the Senate committee. Also, none of the statements by Hill, Ford and Ramirez were reported to police at the time they occurred and the investigations into them fall outside of criminal courts, he said.
But there are differences between Hill’s described encounters and the reports of Ford and Ramirez, Brown said. The harassment described by Hill took place on federal property and the parties involved were federal employees. Ramirez’s and Ford’s accounts took place on private property and none of those involved were government workers at the time.
Further, Brown said, Hill knew the time, date and place of the incidents she described. The memories of Ford and Ramirez are foggier and they don’t have all the specifics, he said.
“Anita Hill came well-prepared to the hearings with a story that held together and is quite credible,” he said. “(Ford) doesn’t seem to have the credibility that Anita Hill did.”
But even Hill’s preparation wasn’t enough to persuade Brown.
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Ultimately, he looked at the “total of Clarence Thomas’ actions” and found that there wasn’t any evidence suggesting a pattern of inappropriate behavior or sexual harassment. He acknowledged, however, that other women who said they’d testify in support of Hill were not allowed to speak at the decision of then-Sen. Joe Biden, who was chairman of the committee.
Senators will have to determine whether Kavanaugh committed perjury when he said he had no knowledge of Ford’s claims, Brown said.
“It’s about whether or not he’s being truthful,” he said.
Brown said he was disappointed that senators from both political parties appear to already have decided whether Ford and Ramirez are credible before hearing any testimony.
“I want to hear what they have to say before I come to a conclusion,” he said.


Isaiah Thomas came to the Nuggets looking to argue as he embarks on a one-year NBA tryout

Would Wilt Chamberlain be as effective playing in the 1990s against the likes of Shaquille O’Neal and Hakeem Olajuwon as he was when he dominated the NBA in the 1960s?
As far as NBA debates go, this one is about as cliché as arguing whether Michael Jordan is the greatest player of all time, but that hasn’t stopped Isaiah Thomas from igniting the Nuggets’ locker room in heated discussions.
“My argument was, yeah, I think (Chamberlain would be),” rookie Jarred Vanderbilt said. “(Isaiah) said he’d just be average. That’s been one of the main arguments.”
Every day, it’s something new. And with coach Michael Malone’s office just down the hall from the locker room, he hears it constantly. But this is what he wanted. He coached Thomas for a season in Sacramento and wanted the former MVP candidate to join him in Denver as he enters the final year of his contract to help lead a team that hasn’t been shy about its playoffs-or-bust mentality.
If Thomas’ leadership also brings temporary divisiveness – and a nickname no point guard wants a part of, “Stephen A. Smith” – so be it.
“I said if Klay Thompson was the No. 1 option on the team, he’d average 25-plus points per game,” said Thomas, punching his fist in his palm in disbelief that anyone would think otherwise as he recalled his latest debate. “I’m not going to name names, but somebody said he’d only average 18. Klay Thompson is the second-best shooting guard in the NBA behind James Harden. Somebody said he wasn’t!
“I’m arguing with guys that really haven’t played in the NBA. The other day, I was in here for an extra hour-and-a-half arguing with these guys and I almost got in trouble with my wife because I was here too long.”
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A vocal veteran leader is perhaps what the Nuggets missed most the past two seasons when they missed the playoffs by one game each year. They haven’t had one. They brought in $90 million free agent Paul Millsap last year, but he reiterated this week that he leads by example, not words. Thomas will be a nice yin to his yang.
Everything Thomas says and does is by design. That was clear in Cleveland last year when he told local media he wanted to play where he was wanted after being booed by Cavaliers fans at Quicken Loans Arena. (He was traded to Los Angeles the next day.)
When he mentions arguing with teammates who have almost no NBA experience, he’s pointing out he’s a needed veteran on the NBA’s third-youngest roster and has played in more games than Jamal Murray, Gary Harris and Torrey Craig have combined. And when he starts those debates, he’s trying to figure out where the Nuggets’ passion lies.
Getting his teammates to stop being so “quiet” is his job. That’s it. Malone has told Thomas repeatedly that Murray is his starting point guard, and the only thing changing that is an injury to the third-year player out of Kentucky. Thomas is learning to accept the idea of not being “the man” despite averaging 28.9 points and 5.9 assists with Boston in 2016-17 en route to finishing fifth in MVP voting.
A career reset to play more of a supporting role than star is what he signed up for when he agreed to a veteran minimum salary of $2.029 million, earning him less this season than every teammate other than Vanderbilt and Monte Morris. At the same time, Thomas is 29 years old and his contract with the Nuggets is only for one year. Factor in his nagging hip injury that has him sidelined in training camp and more limited minutes when he is healthy and, come next summer, his value on the open market could be compressed.
“This was a unique situation where we needed I.T. and he needed us,” Nuggets general manager Artūras Karnišovas said. “We need what he was two years ago and he needs us because he’s getting healthy and finally playing without pain.
“I think his year will be (his tryout for all NBA teams). For him and for us, we’re going to get the best Isaiah. He’s working extremely hard to get healthy. Even if we get only a fraction of what Isaiah was two years ago … I think it’s low risk for us.”
Thomas recognizes how critical his performance is in a contract year. Last season, after being traded from Boston to Cleveland to Los Angeles, his scoring output was nearly cut in half (15.2 ppg), his Real Plus-Minus of minus-4.23 ranked 95th among NBA point guards according to ESPN and he averaged career-worst marks in shooting percentage (.373) and turnovers (3.0) in 32 games and only 15 starts. This season has to be better for his sake, but if the Nuggets’ plan is to have him come off the bench like he did with the Lakers, it’s worth questioning how much of a leap he can take.
All he can do this year as a bench player is “be Isaiah Thomas,” and first and foremost that means scoring in droves on the NBA’s sixth-most prolific offense.
“At the end of the day, I’m human, so at times it does affect me,” Thomas said of him returning to a bench role. “I have feelings just like everybody else. I feel like I’ve paid my dues more than a few times, but this is just my story. Every step of the way, every year I’ve had – I had an all-star year and I had to prove myself the next year; I averaged 30 points a game and I still had to prove myself. I can only worry about the things I can control, and that’s when I’m on the floor – be the best player on the floor and make it hard for coach to take me out of the game.”
Off the court? He has to be loud. Millsap saw it when the two competed against each other in the Eastern Conference and advocated that Thomas has no problem raising his voice – wherever he might be.
That’s why he’s here. He wants to take the last shot – “I’m going to take it” – and he needs that next contract. But the Nuggets are desperately seeking a leader to help them end a six-year playoff drought, even if that means damaging egos of anyone who thinks Wilt Chamberlain was better than Thomas believes he was.
“It might rub people the wrong way – the way I lead,” Thomas said. “I know how to win. I haven’t won an NBA championship, but I know how to win basketball games and get to the playoffs.”
And to that, there’s no debate.


With season on the brink, Rockies put their foot on the gas back into wild card, divisional contention

In the immediate wake of a sweep in Los Angeles last week, the Rockies briskly packed their bags to head out from an empty trip to Chavez Ravine. Colorado’s playoff hopes seemed bleak while, on the other side of the stadium, the Dodgers were in their clubhouse boasting proclamations about how the NL West was theirs.
And while that still very well may be true — despite a loss to Arizona on Tuesday, Los Angeles remains a half-game up on Colorado in the division — in the week since the sweep, the Rockies have gone from on-the-brink to right back into the playoff picture.
Colorado has done that by playing with their collective foot on the gas. They topped Philadelphia 10-3 on Tuesday for a fifth straight win, and with the Cardinals’ loss in Milwaukee, jumped St. Louis for a half-game lead in the second wild card spot.
The second night of the final seven-game homestand had ample chance to go awry early on with manager Bud Black’s borne-of-necessity bullpenning plan, but it didn’t. It was an evening that had Rocktober written all over it. Colorado played cool. Pitched mostly confident. And the team brought the lumber, too, with double-digit hits and runs for a second straight evening.
Chad Bettis was solid enough in two-plus innings. Rookie DJ Johnson got a critical early out and his first big-league win. And as for Chris Rusin, his two scoreless innings made for seven straight appearances without an earned run. Is the effective Rusin of 2017 (2.65 ERA, 2.3 bWAR) back just in time? It just might be so.
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Plus, David Dahl — looking more and more like the Rockies’ star outfielder of the future — bombed his dozenth home run to give Colorado its first lead and finished with four RBIs. Core players Charlie Blackmon, DJ LeMahieu and Nolan Arenado all registered RBI knocks in the pull-away fourth.
And Carlos Gonzalez — who like LeMahieu is potentially playing his last LoDo days of his decade-long stay in Denver — reminded everyone that even in a reserve role he’s still here for one last October push, too, with a two-RBI double to give Colorado added insurance.
The commanding win, coupled with the recent skids of the Cardinals and Cubs, is the latest indication that veteran Chris Iannetta wasn’t just rationalizing tough defeats for no reason when, following that recent sweep at Dodger Stadium, he confidently explained why he believed the Rockies were going to slide right into the optimal time frame of when a team should catch fire.
“With about ten games to play, if you’re locked in a race, that’s really when you want to heat up and play your absolute best baseball,” Iannetta said. “Get hot too early, and you can risk fizzling out over the last month of the season, which is always an emotional grind.”
Iannetta doesn’t have to remind Rockies’ faithful of that. But, at least fingernail-chewing Colorado fans can take solace in the fact that the emotions of the playoff chase — and of the franchise’s first back-to-back playoff berth — are flowing strongly in the Rockies’ favor right now.


Denver Sports Omelette: Rockies’ World Series tickets have arrived, first step is making the postseason

World Series tickets have arrived and Colorado fans can smell Rocktober. The first step, though, is making the postseason.
Denver is a different town when the men down at 20th and Blake are playing meaningful games this time of year. I lived it up close and personal back in 2007 as I was working for the club at the time… I have never seen, or heard a stadium as loud as I did during the October stretch of games. Game 163, the play-in game against the Padres, and Game 4 of the NLCS when Colorado clinched the National League pennant after beating the Arizona Diamondbacks were memorable nights. Those are the nights current Rockies fans want to relive.
So I say to all Rockies fans, enjoy this week because playoff races are special and Rocktobers are memorable… more so if you already have your own World Series tickets.

Arrived in the mail today! But will we get to use them? #rockies #rocktober #mlb
— Lori Punko (@lpunko) September 26, 2018

— Jeff Bailey, The Denver Post

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MLB: Rockies 10, Phillies 3
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